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Will we be seeing more of the the Robot king and his magnificent faces?

Yeah he should be in it again, but don't hold your breath.

on page 662, whose hands are holding Diego's picture? They look like they might be the Robot King's.

They were a robot's

Since robots have no bloodline or DNA, how do they determine who gets to be Robot King? Do they see who has the lowest serial number (AKA who was made earlier)? Or is it just random?

Thet look up to the king guy becuase he is able to express emotion

Does the robot king have real authority?

In some areas

Your Robot King drawing has made me wonder if the robot handling procedures listed in the student handbook apply to the girlbots as well.


Who's in those real life paper pictures you made for the con?

So far: 2 of Annie, 2 of Kat, 2 of Renard (wolf and plush) 2 of Zimmy (one with Gamma) and Robot King

When did the Robot King become the leader (?) of the robots, and is there really trouble in the ranks?

He became important when they realised he could show his emotions. Something the other robots aren't that great at doing.

Will we see the incredibly awesome Robot King in the future, or has his role in the story been played out? What about the smaller yet equally triple sweet Sky Watcher?

Their roles were more metaphorical. The might pop up in the future.